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Getting creative is what I live for - whether it's singing, photography, or design - in Photoshop, Wix, or out on the Finger Lakes trails with my camera.  I am a visual story-teller. Every brand, person, and place has their own unique story, and I'm the lucky one that gets to tell it.

I am a marketing specialist, with a focus on digital marketing, and have worked in the field for the past five years. My start in marketing came with my freelance website design company, Pixel Note, where I created websites for fellow performers looking to take their careers to the next level. Website design eventually blossomed into an interest in all things marketing. A wonderful woman took a chance on me and hired me to work for her marketing and pr firm, where she took me under her wing and showed me the ropes. Under her direction, I began expanding my photography, social media, and copywriting skills. Eventually, I graduated to working on large scale Google and Facebook ads, both on the creative and analytics side (I guess my first job as a Data Analyst paid off after all!).


Currently, I consult with a variety of brands on their digital marketing initiatives. When I'm not creating, you can find me testing all the Tasty Vegetarian recipes, listening to true crime podcasts, and taking online courses for fun.

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